Services Brief Introduction

Services Brief Introduction


We pay for medical Insurance cost to Insurance companies for needy people who themselves cannot afford to meet their medical expenses ,these medical expenses include all necessary arrangement for visiting hospitals ,surgery and providing all the necessary advice they may need for their better standard of living. We are working on this cause from many years, this program has helped many recover belonging from backgrounds of society from around the globe, our honest aim is to serve the humanity at its best and reach out to all those who are in need and for this purpose our Insurance Programme has being delivering excellence to the well-being of many.

We have diversity of insurances available such as car insurance and you can get auto quote for online car insurance hence get auto insurance online from us also for any other type of insurance you can get auto insurance online quote from our website and all our car insurance schemes have policy of zero profit but delivering you the best insurance quote possible there forth serving the purpose of giving things free subsequently you can benefit so get free quotes for car insurance and don’t buy auto insurance online from anywhere else.

Our Motto is health comes before richness and thus we are striving harder every day to create healthy society and give love to the ones who have been deprived and need it the most. We ask those privileged ones who take their health for granted let’s work together and help those who are in need of this basic necessity to live well and please who are in need they are requested to apply for this Programme or get in contact with us for further information. We send Insurance Sales representatives directly to you so you don’t have to worry a second about the traveling expenses as we understand the risk’s it may pose to your health while you’re already suffering we make sure we look out for you in promising conduct and put the well-being of persons before anything else. . Apply Now


We provide short term and long term Loans on 0% interest to everyone who is found eligible for our loan scheme the basic criteria is who are poor and need to start small business and they can return the payment in small easy instalments. So everyone is encouraged to apply for loans scheme and we can do you home loan refinance, we welcome all applications from all backgrounds of society and every application will be thoroughly checked for eligibility and loan money required for the business proposition is asked to be sanded with full details to check if the proposed business idea is worthy for investing the loan money by Loan scheme. With our Loans scheme for you settlement loans, refinance loans or loan comparison to support you the best possible ways besides even if your loan repayments are huge we still have legal options open for you and do for you debt consolidation just to get you out of the contemporary mess and get moving ahead.

With Loan Scheme Programme we help as many people as possible around the world improve their standards of living every year. And we have been helping many from unprivileged backgrounds who just need a little tap in their back to get started helping themselves and supporting many people around in their own society. We soon hope to publish such stories for our kind readers so they acknowledge how wonderful and amazing this work is, it’s so small but yet have been so effective in helping many populaces. . Apply Now


We provide and arrange Attorney for people whom cases are in other courtiers and they live in different countries and being poor they cannot afford Attorney Expenses so we meet these expenses personally and they don’t have to pay especially these cases have arose in past for cases such as mesothelioma attorney , car accident attorney and disability insurance attorney or social security lawyer . It’s a dream come true for you as now forth we will be dealing on your behalf and our legal team will walk your through all the necessary steps required to start handling your cases, we ensure success at any case our lawyers are experienced at handling any case and have proven track records of success and just success. To deal appropriately with any case it’s essential we receive all the necessary documents to support your case so this means any evidence even it seems unnecessary to you but you must send us and let our lawyers decide what’s appropriate when presenting your cases in court moreover you must send us a copy of your identity as well all the necessary details that maybe required supporting your case in the concerning courts for that matter.

If you just starting to think who to ask for help or have already hired a lawyer and can’t meet his expenses abroad it’s the right time you immediately get In contact with us and we guarantee to support you with our best abilities without any hassle and relieve you of the financial or social burden you may be experiencing right now dealing your cases. For more information feel free to contact us by email or telephone call. Apply Now


ASSOCIATE LAWYER SCHEME- We arrange and finance lawyers , for example mesothelioma lawyers and auto accident lawyers for all types of court cases either routine or long term cases for those people who cannot afford Lawyers. Be it any complicated case for accident lawyers or other cases we ensure to provide the best accident attorney and other lawyers available out there to handling your cases in the best ethos conceivable there forth you should have the least of worries in the back of your mind, in our record we had particular high success in cases or car accident lawyer and mesothelioma lawyer. Moreover be it any case from an accident, injury or property renting issues we guarantee satisfaction for everyone.

It’s our mission to help those who need us the most in times that you find yourself in difficult positions and have no support from your loved ones then we want to be there for you in your suffering and troublesome periods and we have been striving to deliver the best we can to you for this good cause from many decades.

We have set up this scheme in times we acknowledge is the most bothersome for clients from all over the world be they belong to an elite class or be it lower class people from deprived background or any ethnicity all share the same fate when dealing with lawyers on daily basis that is lawyers have been known to be milking money from the pockets of their clients with running unnecessary costs so they prolong the cases of their clients to loot their customers from their hard earned money thus highlighting the clear conflict of interests between providing support to the client and fulfilling their own self cravings for money , it’s sad scenario but true and this is the vital reason we set up this Associate Lawyer’s Scheme especially for the ones who are already inflicted with personal and financial problems and are in need of some support from us but not more worries and unbearable burden of further financial crises from the trend set by traditional lawyers.

We ask everyone who need support as stated earlier to apply for our Lawyers Scheme Application as soon as possible as sometimes delaying matters further complicates situations and it’s hard to get out of them. For medical related cases we offer a wide range of services from personal counselling to handling your case in the court and our lawyers will go through with your medical history in details to see how they can support your cases with the gaining enough medical evidence from your personal medical evidence so it’s crucial to not hide any personal details of medical and we do understand its sometimes tough to point out problem’s to what we feel most sensitive about. Apply Now


DONATION HOTLINE SCHEME - We especially donate cash to girl and boys who are orphan and to elderly women and men who don’t have any source of income and don’t have anyone to support them, it’s our commitment to help those first who are orphans and elderly as we have dealt with many cases and found these people too often to be the most vulnerable in our society and those that need us the most. We always request to all our customers to relate to us any case which befalls the fore mentioned scenario so that we together joining hands can reach out to many as possible as where ever as possible and help with whatever we can to improve their standard of living.

It’s essential for everyone who is inflicted with social problems and don’t have parental or their children support to apply for our Donation scheme application otherwise merely on communication we can’t guarantee the help you may be entitled as enlisted in our Donation Scheme policy, this is mandatory for having thorough checks before approving any application so that we reach out to those who are really in need of us and accordingly it helps us avoid fraudster’s paving their way into our Scheme. You will pleased to know occasionally we donate vehicles such as donate cars or automobile donations, so once you have applied for our donation scheme and we donate car you may just be the lucky winner to receive that good news of getting Car and we run Car Donation Scheme the whole year and specifically in past our schemes have reached people with names like car donation seattle and car donation sacramento and we believe our donate car charity has been very effective in helping many populaces who were badly in need of any form of financial support. Apply Now


HELP TO MORTGAGE is our scheme designed to finance Mortgage of individuals who are incapable to complete their set instalments of loans and are helpless to get back their Mortgages without any legal or external support further we also offer support to those whose Mortgage is on risk and are inept to deal with their overwhelming situations ,so if you belong to this category of people then don’t worry we have everything to take care of you as we arrange free counselling sessions as well as legal advice and we take care of you through this tough times like a kind friend would . We deliver many mortgage services such as mortgage refinance or refinance home mortgage and we have successfully helped many for pre approval mortgage , so if you need to refinance a home or refinance mortgage we will get you the top mortgage refinancing rates.

We will get your home moving ambitions back on track within short frame of time and put you on the back seat sailing towards your dream home. Don’t worry if you’re out of work now or have incurred a major loss on a business deal ,we have all the legal solutions to put you back on track for your ideal home so you don’t have to worry, For full details on how we deal with your mortgage feel free to call us 24/7 or just send us an email letter its simples as this to get you started back on the right path and forget about all the hassle you have experienced we have a quality team of lawyers who will make sure your success and happiness comes before everything else. Apply Now


We have 2000 High Quality Videos and these videos are widely popular in Asian community as well as across the planet for people who have admiration for Sufism and Seeking True Love also known as ISHQ. The Videos Section has many Categories and these include diverse range of videos something to interest every visitor from any background, so everyone can stay tuned with the music and video’s they love to listen, watch and Enjoy, the video platform is best entertainment for every visitor which beholds the beautiful style of Youtube Videos Platform but at the same time excels in its deliverance of videos to audience by its unique Category Style, it will not be untrue if this platform is to set trend for other multi-dimensional video hosting sites out there in our Internet Community. With the help of these videos you can learn about the Life’s of Sufi’s such as to name Jalāl ad-Dīn Muhammad Rūmī ®, but popularly in English-speaking world known as Rumi ® or Waris Shah ® whose love related Sufi poetry is well acknowledged in the East Asia or maybe you were looking for the Famous Story of “Laila Majnu” then wonder not you can easily access everything in the videos platform with just one click away from your mouse.

The Videos Platform covers Music from different languages, it has the most top rated & most popular music of Arabian continent in Arabic Language similarly music in English, Persian, Hindi, Urdu, Punjabi and many other languages, we want to entertain everyone after all this video Platform is for the People to Enjoy what they truly like and what their ears love to Listen over and again. We also add regularly Music on Demand so you can be assured if you love some video or music and can’t find it elsewhere then your search stops right here, just fill in the very short form in Video Platform for the video or music on demand you love and we will upload it within no time. If you were thinking getting bored with just Music and Videos Entertainment then trust our taste bud we have movies for you too and all in HIGH Quality Definition. This Video Platform is family entertainment to Multi-Bilingual and Multi-Cultural communities across the board and your search for entertainment truly and surely ends right here and our video department can provide you with services such as web video production or corporate video production and you also enjoy our free video conferencing software and do real-time free video conference moreover have a look through our previous video production projects and you be delighted with our hard work. I conclude with the Quote ““When you do things from your soul, you feel a river moving in you, a joy.” ― Rumi ®. We offer free DVD’s of all our website videos all you need to do is just fill in the form and let us know what is that you like to be included in the dvd’s, for DVD's , for DVD;s Apply Now


We has made hard efforts to preserve the knowledge that once was secret in the heart of the Great Sufi then inscribed by pen on the paper thus came in the form of great spiritual books, these books have been provided to read for the whole world free of cost in all three languages Persian, Urdu and English and even for people with Punjabi lingual background belonging to eastern countries can read the original written poetry book of Great Spiritual Master Sultan Bahu ®. All due credit is to be given to associated members of this website for translating all available books of Master Sultan Bahu ® from Persian to English language, so now these books are accessible to the wider English-Speaking Populaces. So make sure you check books and we can print book, be assured our book publishing is of high-quality standards and we can send the books to you on request.

As mentioned earlier we offer free printed spiritual books to everyone in website and you need to just send us the filled form, to mention few very popular spiritual picture books in website you will be receiving are Rasala Rohi Sheriff , Kashf ul Asrar , Noor ul Huda Qalan , Majalsatul Nabi (p) , Ganjul Asrar , Tasavver Asmi Allah Zat , Malfuzat Hazrat Sultan Bahu (r) , HaqBahu ® Punjabi Poetry , Makhzanul Asrar (SultanulOrad) and all other original books are available for free reading and Free printed books from our book publishers for every person. The books are very spiritual and powerful and whoever reads regularly gets moved spiritually, for Printed Books, for Printed Books Apply Now


The photo gallery is an exclusive feature free for all visitors , our picture’s gallery has a beautiful elegant style to it so soothing and refreshing for seeing all photo’s as accredited by our visitors in feedback ,We stock photo collection and when you explore the section you will see they are not cheap stock photos as you may find elsewhere . If you haven’t been able to visit the Shrine of Great Sufi Sultan Bahu ® then in gallery photos you can view many different pictures of Shrine showing the different sides of the shrine, even the blessed grave is shown in pictures, the grave of Sufi Sultan Bahu ® has great history attached to it, and many seekers from different faith’s men and women alike come to pray for their heartily desires in shrine, as seen in the photo gallery.

In photo gallery if you look further you will see we have more stock images online and will locate the photos of Sufi Poetry inscribed in original Punjabi language of the Great Sufi writer Sultan Bahu ® further looking in photo gallery you can see the shrine of personality profoundly known in Sufism world the Master of all Sufi Master’s the Great Sufi Shaikh Syed Abdul Qadir Jalani ® .The Gallery embraces itself with more beautiful photograph galleries and that includes the Shrine of Master of All Prophets the Arabian Sultan the Prophet Muhammad Peace be Upon him and in the photo gallery you can also see the blessed Mosque of Medina and many people around the world from all backgrounds come to visit Medina Mosque as shown in our photo gallery.

Shrine places belonging to Iraq, Syria and other countries can also be viewed from the gallery and especially the photographs of “Shrines of Karbala Sharif” can also be seen and the Great Master Hussain (may Allah's blessings be on him) shrine and his family relatives Shrines can also be seen under the photo category of “Shrines of Karbala Sharif” he was the Great Grandson of Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him). There are many more categories like Tasaver-i-Asmi Allah Zat , Darood Sheriff moreover categories related to different topics of the world thus ensuring there’s something of everyone’s interest’s in our photo gallery. All stock images / photos in our Gallery are provided free of cost in CD’s to everyone on request so you’re welcome to just fill in the form and let us know what you like to be included in your free CD’s. for CD’s Apply Now

Mesothelioma Lawyer

Our team of lawyers have helped numerous cases of mesothelioma victims and have helped lots of needy & helpless people for free and continue to do so, more importantly choosing the right mesothelioma lawyer for mesothelioma claim is as crucial as filing a case against those negligent companies or organisations that expose you to asbestos thus leading to injurious health conditions such as mesothelioma or lung cancer etc. We want to be there for you ensuring you have the financial support and we don’t do average mesothelioma settlement but instead we will get you 100% mesothelioma compensation for the injuries you sustained without paying a penny to our lawyers. We understand such health problems can lead to serious financial strain as paying for medical treatment, income loss with loss of your job moreover suffering and pain you and your family go through can prove to be very hard and we will make sure we regain these cost’s by filing claim all those companies whom you worked under and we will collect all the evidence needed to support your claim such as your medical records from hospitals and doctors you visited while working for those companies. We also have very good working relationship with many trusts that will bear the treatment costs if they accept the application to be eligible given the terms your medical condition is the result of those negligent companies. In past people use to say “i have mesothelioma” but only recently people have started considering filing a claim for such cases though the law has been in place for decades to give justice to such people who have suffered from such circumstances. Please fill in our application so we can start working on your case as urgently as possible for free or we also branches such as atlanta mesothelioma lawyers or our other branch the mesothelioma attorney dallas so feel comfortable to contact us by either of those contact details. . for Mesothelioma Lawyer Apply Now

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